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Valentine's Day 2019It is almost that time of the year again. The time when you have the opportunity to remind your loved ones how much you love them.
The towns are turning red, and you are sure that your loved one is waiting for you to sweep them off their feet with a valentine’s day gesture.
Trying to find the best gift can be quite a hustle.
But there is no better way can you show appreciation on Valentine’s day than to get the love of your life premium flowers.
Maybe you have already started looking for flowers, but you have no idea what type of flowers would be the best. Well, the truth is that you can never go wrong with roses. Whether your valentine is your fiancée, girlfriend, mum or sister, roses always make a girl feel loved.
Our Intermediate and Premium roses from our pristine Kenyan farms will give you an array of options to make Valentines memorable for you and your loved one.

The best roses for Valentine’s day

At PJ Dave Flora, we care about you and your expression of love. We have a rose for every emotion, and we are going to explore some of the best options for valentines.
PJ Dave Flora is a flower farm in Kenya which brings you Premium and Intermediate Roses and we promise you that your loved one will not only love these amazing Kenyan roses but they will also keep asking for more.
We have a variety of high quality roses including; Ace Pink, Athena, Belle Rose, Belle Vue, Julischka, La Belle, Copacabana, Madam Cerise, Alaska, Melina, Pegasso, Shangai Lady, Yelloween, Lovely Rhodos , Madam Red, Memory, Moonwalk, Pink Rhodos, Tamara, and the most popular variety the Rhodos.
But the one that most of our customers love and are always looking to get for Valentine’s day is the Rhodos.
In this article, we will feature the Rhodos family which includes the Rhodos, Pink Rhodos and Lovey Rhodos. By the time we are done, you will know why these flowers are in so many people’s hearts and why you should also be ordering them for your Valentine this Valentine’s day.
You will also know a few rose secrets that have been passed down for generations. This knowledge can wow your Valentine and make you their favourite on this special day for years to come.
Let’s begin.
If you or your loved one are the types who would like to keep flowers for a while after Valentine’s day, then these are the roses for you.
Not only are they beautiful to behold with their head size of more than 5 cm and deep red colour, but they also have a long vase life.
These are the best flowers for you to kill two birds with one stone. You get to show love to your Valentine, and your Valentine can also use them to beautify their spaces.
The Rhodos also have a stem length of 40 to 90 centimetres which makes them ideal for gifting as a single rose.
Why is this significant?
Traditionally, a single rose is the perfect way to say “I love you.”
So if your Valentine is a rose enthusiast and you are looking to wow them, the long-stemmed single rose is your way of telling them you care about them and the rose tradition.

Pink Rhodos

Have you been worried about getting flowers because your loved one is not a fan of deep red?
Your days of worry are over because you now have an option of gifting your valentine with our premium Pink Rhodos roses. They come in the colour cerise and have a medium to large head size.
They also have a decent vase life and can be useful for beautifying your valentine’s home or office even after the day.
These are bright pink flowers. The pink that you know and will be easy to pick out even if you are colour blind.
They are also part of our premium roses and will be an excellent pick for the special person in your life.
Like all our Rhodos family roses, you will get maximum use out of these roses because they open slowly and stay fresh for up to and even more than ten days.

Fun fact about the Rhodos roses:

These are the roses for the crown and tie lovers. The roses are thornless which makes them ideal for making accessories.
The Kenyan roses also make great arches and wreaths and anybody can make them since they cannot cause bodily harm.
If you stand out, you will be the winner.
How about you go the extra mile and do a wearable rose for your valentine this year?
But before we conclude, let us find out what other rose arrangements are saying.

Different rose arrangements and their meanings?

There are a few more arrangements that convey what you’d like to say without any words.

The dozen roses

Have you been eyeing someone but you never find the right words to ask them to be yours? Say it with roses.
This is the bouquet for the special someone who you would like to commit to.
Twelve roses say, “be mine.” Take the leap and get the love of your life with twelve valentine’s roses.

Thirteen roses

This Valentine’s roses arrangement has disputed meanings.
Some say it is a declaration of eternal friendship and others say it is the arrangement you send to someone you admire secretly.
Do you want to get your secret admirer this Valentine’s day? Try the 13 Rhodos roses and see how it goes. All the best!

10 roses

Do you feel that someone in your life is perfect and deserves to know it?
Well, if that’s the case, send them ten roses.
Now that you have additional knowledge of arrangements let’s find out why your arrangements should only comprise PJ Dave Flora Rhodos Roses.

Why should you buy PJ Dave Flora Rhodos flowers?

Experience is the best teacher, and at PJ Dave Flora, we have been doing this for over 15 years, and we know our stuff.
We are also a family business, and we perceive all our amazing customers like family as well. And to ensure that you feel like family, all our Rhodos roses are hand-picked to perfection.
When it comes to exportation, we have been maintaining a high standard of quality. We do this by improving our quality by continually investing in Research and development as well as high-end technology.
Our flowers are also grown in a flower farm in Kenya and if you don’t already know, Kenyan roses are among the best high-quality roses in the world.
Our market is also a testament to our reputation as we export to The European Union, Japan, Singapore, China, The United Kingdom, Australia, North America and Russia.

Bonus Valentine’s roses tip

Everyone will be buying these amazing roses on February the 14th. It might be a bit difficult to get the best flowers on the D-day.
Now is the time to pre-order for your flowers. The earlier, the better, because you and your loved one deserve the best and we would you like you to have nothing but the best flowers for Valentine’s.
~a rose for every emotion
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