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Students PJ Dave Flora
Students PJ Dave Flora IMG 7397 PJ Dave Flora Primary IMG 7338 PJ Dave Flora CSR IMG 7371 PJ Dave Flora Primary School

CSR : Education to the community

For Pravin and Elizabeth Dave, the founders of PJ Dave Flora Limited, Isinya is home. Their last born daughter and all their 8 grandchildren grew up here. The company was growing and it was only natural that they wanted their hometown to grow with them.

PJ Dave Flora Limited fully sponsored the construction of PJ Dave Primary School – Isinya. The company also donated the 6-acre property upon which the school was built.

PJ Dave Primary Photo

After some time we saw the need to create a comfortable environment for the class eight candidates. We provided beds and mattresses to allow them to board. We also, on occasion provide textbooks to the school. The company also contributed towards the expansion and development of 9 other schools within the township.

We also offer Bursary funds to the community and some of our employees.

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